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About Groff's Content Farm

Having been raised on a wheat and cattle farm in northern Oregon, Bob chose to continue the family tradition.  We both have education and experience in pasture and resource management.

We had a farm in southern Oregon where we raised paint horses, managed cattle grazing, produced hay on 240 acres of uplands and irrigated alfalfa and grass. In 2001, when Bob accepted a position with the Bureau of Land Management in Washington, DC, we picked up and moved to a new farm – Groff’s Content – in Rocky Ridge, MD.  Now that Bob is retired from the Bureau of Land Management, Julie and Bob run the farm full time, with the help of Julie’s sister, Jennifer, and a few awesome farm helpers.

Groff’s Content Farm has been around for over 250 years. It was part of a royal land grant dating back to the 1750s. The farm is still the same 100 acres it was back then, which we find amazing. The name of the farm in 1752 was Groff’s Content. To respect the history of the farm, we chose to stick with the historical name.

Visitors are always welcome to stop by to pick up meats and eggs. You are also welcome to stop by just to see the farm and say hello. We have an assortment of critters around just for fun. Please come for a visit. We do ask that you schedule your visit in advance seeing as we are usually outside around the farm working or at market.

To get in touch, you can drop us a line through our contact page or call us at (301) 447-6148.