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Chicken and Duck eggs: ‘Birds without Borders’

We love our hens and they love life at Groff’s Content. With wide open spaces and a varied diet full of delicious and nutritious treats, these girls are spoiled.  Sure they get unlimited access to locally sourced GMO free hen layer scratch, but that’s not what the hens are clucking about. They get GMO free hydroponic fodder, fresh sprouted grains, and spent brewer’s grain from a local microbrewery. Their favorite food though? Pre-consumer produce, those fruits and veggies that were found not pretty enough to wind up at the grocery store shelves. Honestly, our hens probably eat better than we do, and it shows.

When you crack open one of our eggs you will see a huge yolk that is bright yellow, almost orange, this is because our hens have high levels of beta-carotene in the forage they eat. Whether, poached, fried or sunny side up, you will notice a wonderful rich egg flavor when you eat these eggs.

We are not a big commercial farm and have not graded the eggs for uniform size, color and shape, we hope you will enjoy the variety since each hen lays her own very.

What can we say about the wonderful waterfowl, the duck? They are a truly amazing bird. Amazing layers and just plain fun to watch in the morning as they take their early morning dip in the pond.  Their eggs are richer and higher in Vitamin E and Omega 3 fatty acids than chicken eggs.

Our ducks, like almost everything at Groff’s Content, are spoiled.  Our ducks are great foragers and raised the same way as our chickens. Fed a varied diet of GMO free, local grains, hydroponic fodder, sprouted grains and spent brewer’s grain from 7 Locks Brewery, as well as chemical free pasture. Our ducks are also raised “without borders” and are encouraged to forage, to swim and to just be ducks.

Duck eggs are available as long as the girls are laying.